Caleb came to painting as a result of his inability to get cameras to record his unique emotional response to his surroundings. “Apparently, I see light and lines somewhat differently than film or CCD’s do. Go figure.” He has used just about every media known to western man, and although pastel is his first love, and oils his longest romance, he now employs acrylic paints, to take advantage of their ability to mimic pastel chalks.

Although Caleb cites the early-twentieth century Regionalists as his major formal influence, he says he is more governed by aesthetic preferences that are rooted in his childhood experience and perception. “In childhood, perception and preference are unfiltered, raw and honest. I notice that I am drawn to the scenes, colors and shapes that surrounded me before my fifth year. I did not consciously make choices then; I do better work when I do not make conscious choices now. But there is always choosing.”

Caleb says that he can describe his work his work as being closest to Fauvist in appearance. He says that the Florida climate is very influential. “During the winter, my paintings are relatively cool and sober. By August, I’m laying down wild colors that hatch in my poor heat-addled head. I guess I’ll never really get acclimatized…”

Caleb spent his youth in the Midwest, New York and finally the Los Angeles basin. As a young adult he moved to Oregon, where he spent a good chunk of his adult life. He has been on the Pinellas peninsula on Tampa Bay for nearly a dozen years.

Caleb lives and paints in St Petersburg, which he is sure is the best place on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He cohabits with Toulouse the dog and Bonnie the cat.


Workshop Benefits The Academy Prep Foundation of Tampa, FL

Noted Florida artist Caleb instructed 14 young art students in the finer points of figurative drawings. Students had at their disposal two live models and the years of experience Caleb brought. All the students completed a drawing during the two hour workshop. The Academy Prep Foundation of Tampa, FL benefited from the auction of the students works. Caleb was happy to lend his time to such a worthy cause.


Tampa City Scenes Prints

Caleb pictured above with four of his Tampa City Scenes prints. Since he currently resides in Saint Petersburg, FL, the streets of Tampa, just a few minutes drive away continue to provide inspiration for this talented artist. These particular works are collages of real structures idealized in just position. As always Caleb’s colorful scenes attract people to his works.


TW Curtis Gallery Opening

T.W. Curtis Foundation Gallery located in downtown St. Petersburg, FL is introducing Caleb’s originals and prints to the area. The new location for this gallery is exciting as it is in the recently renovated area of BayWalk, adding an art gallery to the already established movie, restaurant, and shops of the downtown. Caleb visited the gallery as they were working to place his artwork among their other fine artists. His lovable pooch Toulouse had some personal attention paid to him by Nikki, one of the galleries fine staff members. Caleb is looking forward to an upcoming show to introduce himself to gallery visitors.


New Giclee

Caleb signs his latest limited edition giclee “In a Moment.” The full bleed print is offered as a 28”x20” on hand torn rag paper or a 30”x22” on canvas. The edition sizes are 195 on canvas and 95 on paper. Pictured is Seven North’s Bill Galloway and artist Caleb. For more information on Caleb call Seven North 727 894 5266.


Caleb Completes Hospital Commission


Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach is displaying eight Caleb original oils on canvas, which set the center stage in their newly renovated lobby. Bethesda Memorial, one of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S., is undergoing an extensive 60 million dollar facility renovation which includes expanding the hospital 80,000 sq. ft. Caleb’s impressionistic paintings grace the main lobby with subject matter he created from local landscapes and skylines. Caleb moved back to St. Petersburg from the Pacific Northwest less than 3 months ago, after a 2 year hiatus. While in the Pacific Northwest Caleb studied with other artists and continued to develop his unique approach to art by learning new techniques. With opportunity and an overwhelming demand for his work calling, his agent and personal friend, Jim Cournoyer of Seven North Fine Art, beckoned him back to St. Petersburg. Caleb returned on a one-way ticket with Toulouse (his ever present canine), a bike, two suit cases, and a trunk full of art supplies.


Caleb Exhibits at the St. Petersburg Beach City Hall Grand Opening

The City of St. Petersburg Beach’s City Hall Art Gallery chose Caleb as one of their exhibiting artists. “Crescent Lake V”, My First Apartment” and “Around The Corner” are on display in the gallery. Caleb creates bright images he says were “filtered through the eyes of a little boy in the fifties.” The City of St. Petersburg Beach has opened its doors to the brand new City Hall which is also a consignment art gallery. The works of art on display are available for sale to the public. The public is welcome to view the artwork during normal business hours.


Artist Caleb Sets Up New Studio

Artist Caleb has returned to Florida after a two year stay in the Pacific Northwest. Caleb had chosen his move to Portland to study and experience a different art culture. His new studio in St. Petersburg will be the ideal environment for him to transform his experiences into art. Jim Cournoyer, Caleb’s agent and personal friend, eagerly awaited his return to Florida where he will be more accessible for commissions and gallery shows.


Artist Caleb Returns to Florida

Nationally recognized artist Caleb, formerly of St. Petersburg, has just returned from a two year reprieve in Portland, Oregon. While away, he painted some of his most memorable works, images from the Pacific Northwest. He returned just in time to crash a Friday evening gathering at one of his favorite watering holes in Tampa. Caleb is re-establishing his old studio in St. Petersburg to continue his paintings of the Southeast. Artist Caleb Moves To Portland Hungry for a place where the artistic way of life and the environmental/political style is progressive, Caleb remembered his years in Portland, Oregon, and decided to return and take up residency. The city fosters his preference for self-propulsion, i.e. he prefers and enjoys riding his bike for transportation. Portland is stimulating community where Caleb can paint, gathering interesting subject matter, paint, walk his dog, paint, socialize, and paint. Caleb’s paintings are full of intrigue and underlying mystery. They express a mood of place, suggesting a deeper dimension. His manipulation of light has attained such a degree of mastery that he created a visual time warp. Nostalgic themes permeated Caleb’s work, and still do. But now, a future time element is prevalent in his subject matter and style. His paintings, as always, are lushly painted and thickly textured, and crafted with a mastery of line, color, and composition. Caleb Bio Caleb Caleb was born in 1956. After a year in the Ohio River Valley, he and his familymoved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio, then to Schenectady, New York, and finally to a suburb of Los Angeles. He quips, “I failed to grow up in any of these places, and my parents despaired of me. Left to my own devices, I eventually moved to Portland, Oregon, where I spent most of my adult years, and once again failed to grow up.” He regards the Pacific Northwest as his home, but he is presently residing and painting in St. Petersburg, Florida. Caleb draws the inspiration for his art from childhood experiences and memories. He says, “My preferences were formed in my earliest environments. Now, when I pick a subject to paint, it is because there is some kind of recognition that jars me, and I know it is some ancient part of me even when I can not tell anyone what or why.” He received a box camera at the age of 6, built his own dark room at age 11, and became discouraged by age 13. He remembers, “I was already thinking of composition, but color film was so rich. I was in search of landscapes too vivid and personally meaningful to be found in straight photography.” When Caleb was in his twenties, his creative expressions first moved him to writing, then to a series of experimental visual media, andfinally to his ultimate satisfaction with oil. “I fell in love,” he enthuses, “with the nature of oil. It is luscious, pliant, exciting.” Combining this passion for his medium, and his childlike directness in perceiving subject matter, Caleb creates bright images he says were “filtered through the eyes of a little boy in the fifties. When I mix a color, I know it is a color that fascinated that boy, even if I have no conscious memory of it. These images come from the nostalgia for everyday scenes from an earlier time.” Caleb strives to paint visual poems that crystallize moments so the beauty of living at that instant can be savored later. His direct style, appealing subject matter and memorable colors combine to guarantee that his work will grow on with power and grace in a dance with time. Art Galleries Signature Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida Powell Street Gallery, San Francisco, California Ashland Gallery, Mobile, Alabama MacArthur Gallery, Tampa, Florida Goldleaf Gallery, Deland, Florida Corporate Collections Office Pavilion, Largo, Florida